A downloadable soundtrack

"Icebergs ahead! Jump in your chopper and see if you can't clear us a path, Ace!"

In the not-too-distant-future Arctic wind farms produce much of the worlds clean and renewable energy - but where there's energy, there'll always be trouble...

Cargo transports are in dire need of escort and protection from massive icebergs, pirate ambushes and automated drone attacks as they attempt to deliver hundreds of precious fuel cells to dry land.

There's only one pilot for the job - Ace Maverick.


6 x extended mixes of in-game music:

0 - Title Screen
1 - Mission Select
2 - Day One
3 - Time to Earn Your Wings
4 - Mission
5 - Victory
6 - Defeat

2 x bonus tracks

7 - Intervention (Bonus)
8 - Drones (Bonus)

5 x Audio Stings

9 - Achievement Sting A
10 - Achievement Sting B
11 - Defeat Sting A
12 - Defeat Sting B
13 - Defeat Sting C


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